It is my passion to explore uncharted territory. After a challenging scientific career in space research, my innate curiosity has found a new outlet in photography.
I find my subjects by carefully searching for concealed compositions created by nature. It is the hidden promise of form and structure of the subject that triggers the inspiration. The captured picture is just the starting point of a new creation process.
Inspired by Mondriaan I am intrigued by the way the human brain evaluates and interprets the visual world. Even in a flattened representation such as a photograph, depth, structure, texture and the nature of substances are recognized effortless. But as soon as the delicate interplay of light and shadow is altered, this trusted interpretation is lost. Instead, a window opens to the enigmatic world of my images.
My portfolio Abstract Nature displays images as they were created from subjects found in nature.
Early Work - more mainstream photography - presents examples of architecture, landscapes and early abstractions.
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